Brian & Barry Building, an advanced control system based on HSYCO for safety and energy efficiency that provides advanced support features for the administrative building management

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press_201501 System Integrator Magazine

In the January 2015 System Integrator Magazine presents the Brian & Barry Building project, recently renamed “12”, in which HSYCO coordinates the lighting systems, technical alarms, fire detection, measurement of electricity, hot water, cold water consumption, HVAC, access control.

“12” is an innovative building, a vertical space that combines multiple shopping experiences dedicated to diverse categories of customers with a wide range of food and beverage services. HSYCO provides an advanced control system controlling the technological and security systems, and supporting the management in the optimization of the operating costs and the administrative management of the property. A very sophisticated technical alarms management functionality has been developed, to ensure safety and comfort and allow proper and efficient maintenance of the building.

System Integrator Magazine: Brian & Barry Building project

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