Brivio e Viganò, logistics at your fingertips

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The achieved solution is based on the system of supervision HSYCO of Hsyco S.r.l., which is able to directly control both the existing installations and those to be implemented with an integrated graphic user interface that is Web based and securely accessible both remotely and locally.

In the 2014 October issue, the magazine Connessioni presented the innovative project of Brivio & Viganò Autotrasporti, a road transport company who decided to renovate its headquarters and warehouse located north of Milan (8,500 sqm) to better suit its logistics service with temperature control. The company sponsored a competition to choose to most adept design project, handing the award to the system integrator and electrical installation firm, Vergani Applied Electrical Systems. Vergani’s project succeeded with the help of Hsyco S.r.l.. The property chose to install a complete interface for the integrated control of lights, video surveillance, intrusion detection system, air conditioning and access control.

Brivio e Viganò, logistics at your fingertips

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