HSYCO S.r.l., thanks to its experience evolved with the development of HSYCO and with the consultancy in complex home and building automation projects, has the know-how and the resources needed for the development of vertical, highly customized solutions for the supervision of proprietary systems.

Thanks to its versatility and the scalability of its software architecture, HSYCO can be tailored to any user-specific need and integrated in the sale and technical proposal of our customers.

The control interface, as well as the programming logic, can be highly customized to meet requirements which go beyond what any generic supervisor can fulfill.

Customized versions of HSYCO or HSYCO Pi may represent a complete, reliable and very competitive gateway between your system and any of HSYCO’s supported standards or over 60 integrated brands.

Labeling and packaging can be customized according with our customers’ branding criteria.

Our production process adhere to severe standards, therefore we can comply with the strictest quality procedures.

So please, feel free to contact us via e-mail sales@hsyco.com or call us at +39 02 45077418 and share your ideas, no matter how basic or ambitious you think they are. It will always be a pleasure for us to see if we can help.