Home Automation

Extreme Integration

The market offers a wide range of powerful and cost effective solutions for the management of all systems in a house, such as lighting, automation, temperature control, security, video surveillance, access control, localization, power management, energy and other resources monitoring, telephony, music and home theater. Yet most of these solutions are difficult to integrate. This lack of integration leads to functional limitations. We are totally focused on the development of modern software solutions to create cohesive systems that are simpler to use, easy to integrate, highly customizable, and always accessible.

Standard Systems and Consumer Electronics – Internet of Things

Less Cost, More Flexibility

People are constantly connected thanks to powerful, reliable, portable and inexpensive devices. Broadband connectivity at home, wireless home networks, secure data encryption, powerful computers, small and low power, and, ultimately, the development of smart mobile devices that are the replacement of traditional mobile phones are transitioning the world to a post-PC era. HSYCO S.r.l.’s goal is to enable the home automation universe to exploit all these technologies at their best to create better, cheaper, easier to use applications improving comfort, security and energy efficiency in every house. 

Web Based Graphical Interfaces – Universal Access

Interact with Smart Homes from any device,  from everywhere

We believe in the enormous value of having full access to the house from just anywhere, and from any connected device. Users need to control their homes from a variety of different devices, personal computers, touch screens, smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, and from everywhere. Since we started in 2007, we pioneered the development of a pure Web application for home automation, what is now called HTML5. Because the Web is the most ubiquitous application, that is available on all consumer devices, including TVs, a Web-based HTML5 user interface is key to immediate access to home automation systems, no application installation required, on any device. We are committed to the latest HTML5 standards, delivering the best user experience on the Web, with exceptional performance and industry-standard security.

Building Automation

Common Architecture

Traditionally, building automation systems have been entirely separate from home automation solutions. Most professional SCADA solutions are too complex and expensive to use in homes, and home automation products aren’t seen with confidence from building automation professionals, generally lacking in reliability, scalability and features. While we think that on the hardware side there are distinct requirements for residential homes and buildings, enough to justify the existence of different product lines, we strongly believe that software technology has advanced to a level where it makes no longer sense to have different supervision architectures.

We have always developed HSYCO, and will continue to to so in the foreseeable future, so that it is powerful and flexible enough to fulfill the needs of both environments. By doing this, we are not only leveraging the so called economies of scale, but also bringing to homes the robustness and sophistication that are typical of building automation solutions, while transferring to buildings the lower costs and higher usability of the home automation.

Reliability and Scalability

While it is easy to create a product that is simple and inexpensive by compromising on its ability to fit to large-scale projects, our design strategy is to develop HSYCO as a smart solution that smoothly scales from the needs of a small home to the ones of large buildings and to those of distributed, multi-layer, supervision architectures. HSYCO has built-in redundancy, tasks isolation and parallel execution of user code and drivers, independent watch-dog processes for each connected device, and a high-availability model inspired by the flight control systems of the aviation industry. All our software design work is always driven by a constant focus on reliability and scalability.

Open Development Environment

We want HSYCO to be cost effective by design, so that it can run on relatively inexpensive hardware and, even more important, be easy to maintain and expand. For this reason we are heavily investing in the development of Web-based configuration tools, because every man-hour saved during the installation and configuration process turns into a competitive advantage for both the contractor and customer.

We designed HSYCO as an open environment for developers, providing a powerful application programming interface that is based on the standard and widely known Java language. HSYCO is a software development framework that can be deeply customized to respond to all specific requirements of the most complex installation, and at the same time be easy to maintain over the typical long life cycle of any building infrastructure.

HSYCO comes with a complete suite of revolutionary web based development tools, the HSYCO Manager. Thanks to the Manager, the HSYCO control pages can be created and updated, and installations diagnostics can be run simply, quickly and securely from any trusted pc or wireless devices, locally and remotely. The HSYCO Manager also includes a new, easy and fast Configurator that enables untrained operators and end-users to develop simple control interfaces.