HSYCO 3.4.0: redesigned KNX driver, new drivers

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press_201504_KNX Journal

The new HSYCO 3.4.0 release includes a redesigned KNX driver, with significant performance improvements and enhanced reliability. This version also adds several other drivers to control third-party products, like the BOSCH FPA fire panel, the BOSCH MAP security panel, the Victron Energy VE.Direct protocol for the BMV700 battery monitors, the Cradlepoint IBR 3G/4G routers and the Vaisala WXT520 weather station. Using HSYCO as a gateway, it is now possible to integrate all these products in any KNX installation.

KNX Journal 01/2015 – HSYCO 3.4.0: redesigned KNX driver, new drivers

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