7″ touch screen – elegant, robust and reliable

HSYCO PI TOUCH DISPLAY is a 7″ touch screen based on the Raspberry Pi Touch Display, an official product of the Raspberry Foundation, and a Strato Pi board. HSYCO PI TOUCH DISPLAY is high quality, elegant and robust.

Created by Sfera Labs, HSYCO PI TOUCH DISPLAY offers the competitive price of the Raspberry Pi platform combined with the reliability of Strato and the elegance of the aluminum front bezel, designed and crafted in Italy.

The high quality professional electronic components mounted inside the HSYCO PI TOUCH DISPLAY ensure reliability and stability over time.

  • Raspberry Pi Touch Display
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Strato Pi Mini
  • Robust aluminum and steel chassis
  • High quality brushed aluminum front bezel
  • Retro lacquered black mirroring bezel