The general-purpose, professional input/output module based on a standard Arduino microcontroller

Iono is an Arduino-based professional electronic device, featuring state-of-the-art high quality electronic components, fully certified against safety and electrical standards.

Iono is an I/O module, with DIN-rail mount, featuring 6 analog and digital inputs, 6 power relay outputs which can tolerate loads up to 250 Volt and 12 Ampere, and one low power, 0-10V analog output.

Iono makes it possible to exploit the flexibility of the Arduino programming and the wide choice of compatible software not only for prototyping, but also for the development of professional applications that require reliability, robustness and compliance with CE standards for electromagnetic emissions, low voltage applications and hazardous substances (RoHS).

Iono is available in three versions, all of them with the same main board and the same casing, with different choices for the Arduino configuration:

  • Iono ethernet is equipped with an Arduino Ethernet R3 board
  • Iono uno features one Arduino Uno R3 SMD
  • Iono solo does not have any Arduino board, but leaves the freedom to choose the one that is most suited to each project requirements, if compatible with the Arduino 1.0 pinout and with physical dimensions fitting the iono casing.

Iono includes an RS-485 serial interface and can be employed as a standard Modbus module.

Iono ethernet adds an HTTP API for remote control via Web and a Web-app to easily control outputs and inputs and to set up the network parameters.

Iono is compliant with the 2014/35/UE (Low Voltage) and 2014/30/UE (EMC) CE directives, and the harmonised standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EN61000-6-2:2005), electrical safety (EN60664-1:2007), emission (EN61000-6-3:2007) as well as the RoHS directive for hazardous substances (2011/65/UE).

Iono’s website includes detailed information, complete circuit diagram, design tips and open source libraries.

Iono is designed and manufactured in Italy.