Open positions:

Job Description:

HSYCO S.r.l. developed HSYCO, a Web based tool for the development of integrated control systems integrating over 70 of the most prominent Home & Building Automation systems.

The position is within the software development area, dedicated to the implementation of new HSYCO functionalities, new vertical applications and customised plugins. We also have a few special projects dedicated to our open source platform.

The new Java Developer main responsibilities will include, in addition to the HSYCO Java coding, performing the technical analysis of simple customer requirements leading to the development of custom applications.

The individual will be responsible of all the test phases of his own code, including the set up and configuration of the test environment, normally consisting in simple installations of automation, security, metering, video surveillance devices. On occasions, the test can be performed using a remote connection to a pre-installed system.

Experience and skills:

Very good knowledge of the Java programming language. Good knowledge of the HTML and JavaScript programming language. General understanding of the main open source software environments and of the “makers” universe. Familiarity with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms is appreciated.

Our software developers are responsible for implementing custom vertical application for Home & Building Automation. They need to be able to understand the technical environment in which the field systems are intended to operate, analyze the customer requirements and translate them into technical specifications.

In order to properly perform software test, the individual will be required to assemble and configure simple configurations of the Home & Building Automation field systems.

Software development skills:

We are looking for a knowledgeable individual, passionate about software development. Very good knowledge of the Java, C, JavaScript programming languages is required. Knowledge of additional programming languages, such as C++, C#, Swift, Python, Bash is appreciated. Also, in depth knowledge of the HTML and CSS languages is required. The candidate must be familiar with relational databases and the SQL language, LAN/WAN network architectures and the TCP/IP protocol. He/She needs to know of to configure and manage the Linux, OS X and Windows operating systems. Finally, in depth knowledge of the most common development environments is required: Eclipse, Xcode, Maven, GitHub.

Language skills:

Good command of the English and Italian languages, spoken and written. The individual should be able to have a technical conversation either in English or Italian over the phone. All software documentation will be written in English.


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