Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 14.41.06The integration of HSYCO Pi Strato, today also in the UPS version, with the El.Mo.’s antintrusion units

El.Mo.’s newsletter presents the integration of HSYCO Pi Strato UPS with the El.Mo.’s antintrusion units.

EL.MO. Newsletter


campagna_connessioni.001HSYCO and the integration with Iono and HSYCO Pi Strato

In the February 2016 issue the magazine Connessioni presents a new integration of HSYCO with two recently launched products of the startup Sfera Labs: Iono, the professional input/output module based on a standard Arduino microcontroller and HSYCO Pi Strato, the new su Raspberry Pi 2 based server for professional applications.

Iono and HSYCO Pi Strato

HSYCO, simplifying what’s complex. AV, computing and domotics perfectly integrated


The HSYCO supervisor, the result of decades of experience of a company specialising
in HBA – Home&Building Automation – has become the real trait d’union between the systems created in this magnificent villa with a large park located in western Liguria which used to be a private residence; here the HSYCO control system manages the main functions of the system. The individual rooms of the villa, which are completely different to one another, have specific needs as far as heating and lighting is concerned, as well as security, and therefore the system design required more effort to enhance the rooms and reduce its own visual impact.

HSYCO, simplifying what’s complex. AV, computing and domotics perfectly integrated (PDF)

An iOS App for controlling and managing your HSYCO is available and it includes the support for the Apple Watch. The new server HSYCO Pi Strato is coming to the HSYCO family, adding several new features to the Raspberry Pi platform

An iOS App for HSYCO is available, which includes support for the Apple Watch. Today HSYCO Pi Strato, based on the new server Strato Pi by Sfera Labs, is added to the family. HSYCO Pi Strato combines the flexibility and the competitive price of the HSYCO Pi with a new hardware, specifically designed for professional applications, adding several new features to the Raspberry Pi platform.

HSYCO, le novità dell’autunno

press_201510_SistemiIntegratiThanks to HSYCO, the status of every connected system is quickly reachable obtaining a great reduction of the reaction time in case of fire or any other security threat

The Brian & Barry Building San Babila Milan represents a solution of extreme integration that includes video surveillance, antintrusion, security and control of automation systems. The entrances to the building are constantly monitored and the structure is controlled both locally and remotely from HSYCO.

Case History Brian & Barry Building Milano (PDF)

press_201510_domotica.itHSYCO and the Internet of Things

HSYCO is the solution to combine automation systems professional and smart devices in the era of the Internet of Things. It’s easy to integrate with leading technologies in the areas of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enabling you to create professional and reliable solutions at a competitive price.

HSYCO e la Internet of Things

press_201510_KNX_JournalHSYCO 3.5.0: support for several new third-party systems, like the Philips Hue lighting system and network music players from Sonos and the recently launched Denon Heos family

HSYCO 3.5.0 is the latest software release of the HSYCO series of home and building automation controllers. We have added the support for several new third-party systems like the Philips Hue lighting system and network music players from Sonos and the recently launched Denon Heos family. Using HSYCO as a gateway between KNX and these systems, standard KNX products can be used to seamlessly control Philips Hue lights, including large systems with many controllers, as well as multiple Sonos and HEOS music players.

KNX Journal 02/2015 – HSYCO 3.5.0: new third-party systems (PDF)

press_201507_HesaHome Systems Consulting, a partnership with HESA

The new integration of HESA Serie Quaranta antintrusion unit with HSYCO creates a full featured customised security control interface. Thanks to the fully integration of the protocol, the standard user interface replicates the graphics and the look and feel of the anti intrusion system control panel and allows to activate and deactivate the alarm from any device running a Web browser, such as PCs and MACs, smartphones, tablets, and touchscreens.

Home Systems Consulting, una partnership con HESA (PDF)

HSYCO 3.4.0: redesigned KNX driver, support for BOSCH FPA fire panel, BOSCH MAP security panel, Victron Energy VE.Direct protocol for BMV700 battery monitors, Cradlepoint IBR 3G/4G routers and the Vaisala WXT520 weather station

The new HSYCO 3.4.0 release includes a redesigned KNX driver, with significant performance improvements and enhanced reliability. This version also adds several other drivers to control third-party products, like the BOSCH FPA fire panel, the BOSCH MAP security panel, the Victron Energy VE.Direct protocol for the BMV700 battery monitors, the Cradlepoint IBR 3G/4G routers and the Vaisala WXT520 weather station. Using HSYCO as a gateway, it is now possible to integrate all these products in any KNX installation.

KNX Journal 01/2015 – HSYCO 3.4.0: redesigned KNX driver, new drivers (PDF)


Video surveillance from Axis Communications is in full sail with HSYCO and Italia Yachts

Axis cameras and HSYCO together for an innovative project of integrated control and energy independence for small boats.

Axis video surveillance  for yachts (PDF)

Boats: HSYCO and Axispress_201509_barche

Designed by Home Systems Consulting, this system enables the integration of advanced solutions without disturbing the general blueprint or characteristics of the boat.

Boats: HSYCO and Axis (PDF)

Axis video surveillance has the wind in its sails with HSYCO and Italia Yachtsthumbnail_it

Axis network cameras and the HSYCO supervision system provide an innovative, integrated, energy-autonomous design, suitable for small sailboats.

Axis video surveillance has the wind in its sails with HSYCO and Italia Yachts (PDF)


press_201506_ionoIONO: the new DIN-rail based on Arduino

Sfera Labs, the new division of Home Systems Consulting, is launching is first product: IONO, an I/O professional interface based on Arduino.

Used in stand alone mode, IONO allows to control charges with a very low usage of electrical current, without waste. We’re talking about a very strong device, able to work also with tension’s and current’s bump, typical of the nautical world and other situations. The intelligence on board is due to the Arduino board that allows to program the logical controls.

IONO: the new DIN-rail based on Arduino


Brian & Barry Building “12”, in-depth analysis of advanced control solution based on HSYCO for security, energy efficiency and building administrative management.

In the February 2015 issue, Integrated Systems Magazine features the first part of a detailed analysis of the Brian & Barry Building “12″ building automation project, describing the main field systems and the control interfaces. The article opens with a general description of the building automation system, together with examples of the HSYCO’s control pages. The second part, released in the following issue, will deal with CCTV, Anti intrusion, Fire Detection, Access Control, Air conditioning, Electricity and Water Consumption Control.

Brian & Barry Building “12”, in-depth analysis of advanced control solution based on HSYCO for security, energy efficiency and building administrative management (PDF)

press_201501 System Integrator Magazine

Brian & Barry Building, an advanced control system based on HSYCO for safety and energy efficiency that provides advanced support features for the administrative building management

In the January 2015 System Integrator Magazine presents the Brian & Barry Building project, recently renamed “12”, in which HSYCO coordinates the lighting systems, technical alarms, fire detection, measurement of electricity, hot water, cold water consumption, HVAC, access control.

“12” is an innovative building, a vertical space that combines multiple shopping experiences dedicated to diverse categories of customers with a wide range of food and beverage services. HSYCO provides an advanced control system controlling the technological and security systems, and supporting the management in the optimization of the operating costs and the administrative management of the property. A very sophisticated technical alarms management functionality has been developed, to ensure safety and comfort and allow proper and efficient maintenance of the building.

Brian & Barry Building, an advanced control system based on HSYCO for safety and energy efficiency that provides advanced support features for the administrative building management (PDF)

press_201411_connessioniSparks, integration and energy autonomy also for small boat

In the 2014 November issue, the magazine Connessioni presented Sparks, a sporty and elegant sailboat from Italia Yachts 10.98, born with the aim of overcoming such misconceptions by offering the market something new and ultra-efficient that would be a suitable size and price for a smaller, yet technologically advanced, boat. To do this, some of the best technologies oh the market were selected and geared towards specific goals. The HSYCO supervision system is installed for automation requirements. This was created with a control of web-based, fully integrated interface graphics that can be used locally orremotely. The system manages lighting, video surveillance, voice synthesis (it’s able to send messages to multilingual alarms, warnings, and confirmations to entry systems), navigationdata (speed, heading, and distance) and is able record anchor drift, energy consumption, solar panel production all with its 4G input/output.

 Sparks, integration and autonomy also for small boat (PDF)

press_201409_connessioni MCThe industry’s goal is total hyper integration. Sooner or later, the trend will catch on, but for now it’s important to convince the world of its complete stability and security

In the 2014 October issue, the magazine Connessioni dealt with the automation sector to dispel myths and highlight the possibilities (however real) of an industry that seems to be moving in an obstacle course of poorly articulated technologies and future potential, and plagued by widespread consumer skepticism.

 Automation: market, critique and the education sector  (PDF)


The achieved solution is based on the system of supervision HSYCO of Home Systems Consulting, which is able to directly control both the existing installations and those to be implemented with an integrated graphic user interface that is Web based and securely accessible both remotely and locally

In the 2014 October issue, the magazine Connessioni presented the innovative project of Brivio & Viganò Autotrasporti, a road transport company who decided to renovate its headquarters and warehouse located north of Milan (8,500 sqm) to better suit its logistics service with temperature control. The company sponsored a competition to choose to most adept design project, handing the award to the system integrator and electrical installation firm, Vergani Applied Electrical Systems. Vergani’s project succeeded with the help of Home Systems Consulting. The property chose to install a complete interface for the integrated control of lights, video surveillance, intrusion detection system, air conditioning and access control.

Brivio e Viganò, logistics at your fingertips (PDF)

press_201410 KNX_Journal 14:2HSYCO 3.3.1 and support for VoiceOver

In the 02/2014 issue, The KNX Journal, the Official Association Magazine, presented the new features of the 3.3.1 HSYCO version and the integrated support for the Apple’s VoiceOver for both OS X and iOS devices.

 KNX Journal 2/2014 – HSYCO 3.3.1 and support for VoiceOver


The headquarters of an important agricultural Trentino consortium boasts safety and efficiency at the highest level, thanks to the integrated control interface provided by the HSYCO supervision server

In the October 2014 issue, System Integrator Magazine features a description of the building automation systems installed at the headquarters of an important agricultural Trentino consortium where the HSYCO control interface allows the full integration of all the field systems, a fully fledged building and plant management tool.

  Streamlining a production site: HSYCO at the “Co.Fa.A.V” warehouse (PDF)

press_201407 oracle_itHome Systems Consulting brings the Internet of Things to Users’ Fingertips with Highly Scalable and Portable, Web-Based, Home-and-Building Automation Tool

Oracle presents a success story about the HSYCO Java-based technology on their corporate website.

press_201403 NoesisA space in which the company displays the best of home automation thanks to HSYCO, the apple of the eye of Domotech’s production

In the 2014 March issue, the magazine Connessioni presented the innovative showroom of Domotech in Milan, a space in which the company displays the best of home automation and Noèsis, the user interface based on the HSYCO supervision system.

 Domotech transforms Samsung’s technical department “Products & Solutions” into an innovative space, where innovation and pleasantness work together (PDF)

press_201401 KNX_Journal 1:2014HSYCO KNX Utility and JavaScript

In the 01/2014 issue, The KNX Journal, the Official Association Magazine, presented two new features of the 3.3 HSYCO version: KNX Utility and the fully integrated support for the JavaScript programming language.

 KNX Journal 1/2014 – HSYCO KNX Utility and JavaScript

A very comprehensive project by Giacca Costruzioni Elettriche – where the HSYCO system truly controls … everything!press_201401

In the January 2014 issue, HC magazine presents a “top class” building automation implementation where many diverse field systems based on different standards are fully integrated thanks to the HSYCO supervisor.

Home automation belongs here (PDF)

press_201310 KNX_Journal 2:2013The worldwide STANDARD for home and building control


In the 02/2013 issue, The KNX Journal, the Official Association Magazine, presented the new features of 3.3 HSYCO version and HSYCO Pi, a powerful, customizable and cost effective engine on the low cost Raspberry Pi platform.

 KNX Journal 2/2013 – HSYCO Pi, HSYCO 3.3

HSYCO Pi, the low-cost supervision server

In the September 2013 special issue on Home Automation – HC magazine introduces  HSYCO Pi, the new supervision servers line based on the innovative Raspberry Pi platform.

 Raspberry Pi, Electronics for every home 

press_201304 KNX_Journal 1:2013The worldwide STANDARD for home and building control


In the 01/2013 issue, The KNX Journal, the Official Association Magazine, presented the new features of 3.2 HSYCO version in the “KNX Members” section.

 KNX Journal 2/2013 – HSYCO 3.2


A formidable competitor for the touch-panel technology. The first company to pursue the opportunity offered by the new iOS devices is Home Systems Consulting S.p.A., which has developed the software supervision server HSYCO, running on dedicated server and interacting with the field systems over the LAN

In the January / February 2013 issue, HC magazine shows how the arrival of the iPhone and iPad has profoundly affected the touch-panels world.

The touch screen revolution (PDF)



The HSYCO supervision system: technology is evolving to protect the consumers investments

In the October 2012 issue, Casa Naturale describes how HSYCO provides an integrated and easy to use control interface to efficiently manage a wide choice of field systems.

 Software and H&B automation, monitoring systems HSYCO (PDF)



The 3.1 version of HSYCO brings important new features including the support for press_201210

hierarchical configurations and integration of the BACnet protocol

In the September / October 2012 issue, HC magazine publishes the highlights of the latest version of HSYCO.

 HSYCO can talk (PDF)


The latest version of the supervision system HSYCO combines attractive graphics to limitless possibilities of the automation system management, also and especially for energy efficiency

In the Home automation Special issue of September, 2012, HC magazine offers an interesting overview of many home automation and energy saving projects, featuring  the supervision system HSYCO combined with a KNX home automation environment from Schneider Electric.

Advanced control interface (PDF)


A supervision system that can accurately control each temperature zone is key to achieve measurable energy savings

In the July / August 2012 issue, HC magazine describes how the use of HSYCO can lead to an improved usage of natural resources and energy in a building.

Save with Home Automation (PDF)


Home automation becomes “green” providing solutions that optimize press_201205the usage of natural resources

In the May 2012 issue, Natural Home magazine describes how the installation of a control system allows a more efficient usage of natural resources and energy in a building. HSYCO is one of the proposed solutions.

Efficiency? Yes! Thank you, home automation! (PDF)


One of the great advantages of the HSYCO server is that the software does not reside on the control device but on the server. This way, any networked device can become a control panel for the management of the automation system

In the March / April 2012 issue, HC magazine describes the details of a showroom entirely controlled by the HSYCO supervisor.

State of the art (PDF)


Innovative software for Apple IOS devices for the integrated management of home automation, including security, audio / video, providing a graphical control interface of rare intuitiveness and really fast

In the Audio / Video special issue of January 2012 – HC magazine describes how HSYCO can become a practical and fast universal remote for audio / video systems control.


press_201111Home Systems Consulting offers an exclusively software based automation solution, which can be adapted to interfaces and different systems. A particular choice which is worth looking into

In the 2011 November issue, the magazine Connessioni presented the interesting functionalities of HSYCO and explained how a supervisor as HSYCO can make our life easier.

 HSYCO, the new generation of domotics (PDF)

press_201110HSYCO represents an universal translator able to connect various systems and third party appliances, and to coordinate them like a fast expert orchestra director

In the 2011 October issue, the magazine Connessioni presented the integrated solution of HSYCO and Metamorphosis, the “adapting media place” of Palazzo  Mantegazza in Lugano, Switzerland.

 Metamorphosis, the surprises offered by Palazzo Mantegazza (PDF)


The renovation of an ancient castle brings in a sophisticated and complex integration control system, a key requisite for making such big house liveable. Thanks to HSYCO

In the September 2011 issue, HC magazine describes one of the most complex and sophisticated integrations ever built: an ancient castle, controlled entirely by HSYCO.

A bridge between past and future (PDF)


The combination of HSYCO with portable devices represents a state-of-the-art control solution. In particular, the functionalities to improve the optimisation of energy  and resources usage are very advanced and innovative

In the April 2011 issue, Casa Naturale magazine describes how the HSYCO supervisor can manage energy consumption in a smart and functional way.

A guaranteed quality control system (PDF)


The Wi-Fi location systems Ekahau can interact with the automation system thanks to HSYCO, a software supervision server designed by Home Systems Consulting

In the March/April 2011 issue, Home Comfort & Design magazine writes about the HSYCO integration with the RTLS Ekahau localization service.

Above and beyond automation (PDF)


The supervision server HSYCO enables a fast and secure remote control of homes

The latest project from D-XP, one of our certified partners, was selected for the final round of the “2010 Premio Domotica” (2010 Home Automation Award), In this installation, the Home Automation system is supervised by HSYCO.

D-XP at the 2010 Home Automation Award (PDF)


The Home Automation Supervision Server HSYCO by Home Systems Consulting enables temperature control throughout the house. Single zone parameters can be set up locally and from remote access.

In the September 2010 “Special Home Automation”  issue, Home Comfort & Design magazine devotes two articles to the innovative HSYCO graphical interface for iPad.

Home control from the iPad (PDF)


Hi-Can is the first “connected bed”. The Hi-Can living experience begins with the web based graphical control interface. The heart of the control system is HSYCO, a supervision server developed by Home Systems Consulting, which also designed and engineered all the technological components.

In the April 2009 issue, Home Comfort & Cinema magazine presents Hi-Can, recently nominated “The Ferrari of Beds”. Home Systems Consulting is a Hi-Can technology partner.

Sleeping is spectacular (PDF)


Is Home automation a difficult technology to understand,  hard to use? Those who still think this way will have an opportunity to change their mind thanks to the solution developed by Home Systems Consulting.

In the July/August 2008 issue, Home Comfort & Design magazine writes about the Home Automation Supervision server HSYCO by Home Systems Consulting.

Home automation control from the iPod (PDF)


The home automation systems have the same control interface on PC, phones, and also on tablets thanks to HSYCO.  The iPod touch and the iPhone are now convenient touch screen control devices for homes and buildings

In the September 2008 issue, Il Cortese magazine features an article on Home Systems Consulting and the Home Automation supervision server HSYCO.

The house on the palm of your hand (PDF)


It is hard to imagine a less invasive setup than the one designed by Home Systems Consulting. A small iPod touch is all you need to control all your home automation systems with the HSYCO software.

In the November 2008 issue, Home Comfort & Design magazine features a detailed description of one of our “Top Class” projects.

As easy as… (PDF)