Technical alarms / alerts management control interface

HSYCO Alarm Manager provides a control interface for monitoring field devices comprising heterogeneous devices such as sensors, input/output devices, network devices and IP cameras, generating alerts and notifications, accessible both locally and remotely.

The live and recorded images of one or more IP cameras can be displayed on the control pages, and any alert can trigger video recording.

The value of any HSYCO data point or variable can be used as a trigger for the alarms.

Alerts and notifications are sent to users, divided into groups, via e-mail, SMS text messages and/or Telegram messages. Messages are sent to each user group only on assigned days and time intervals.

An intuitive, guided configuration interface is included into the HSYCO Alarm Manager.

Also, an easy-to-use graphical interface is available to create simple control relationships between inputs and outputs.

A Ping function is provided, and alarms are sent when a network device is no longer responding.

The Alerts Log Database can be browsed and filtered to create reports, that can be sent via e-mail in .csv format

Together with Iono Arduino and Iono Pi, HSYCO Alarm Manager represents a cost effective, very flexible control solution, easy to set up and configure and maintain.



HSYCO Alarms Manager User Manual

HSYCO Alarms Manager Application Note