Access control management interface

HSYCO Access Control is a control interface dedicated to non-technical users. It can be accessed locally and remotely.

Access privileges are assigned by area to each group of uses on designated days and time intervals. Exceptions can be defined when needed without affecting the master calendar.

Each user can have a PIN code, a badge number or both.

Access privileges are valid immediately after the operator’s validation.

An intuitive, guided configuration interface is included into the HSYCO Access Control.

Authorised users can force the gate opening if necessary, and are notified on-line of tampering or open door alarms.

The Access Log Database can be browsed and filtered to create reports, that can be sent via e-mail in .csv format.

600px-Plugin_access_control_hid_menu 600px-Plugin_access_control_hid_log


HSYCO Access Control User Manual