Sparks, integration and energy autonomy also for small boat

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In the 2014 November issue, the magazine Connessioni presented Sparks, a sporty and elegant sailboat from Italia Yachts 10.98, born with the aim of overcoming such misconceptions by offering the market something new and ultra-efficient that would be a suitable size and price for a smaller, yet technologically advanced, boat. To do this, some of the best technologies oh the market were selected and geared towards specific goals.

The HSYCO supervision system is installed for automation requirements. This was created with a control of web-based, fully integrated interface graphics that can be used locally or remotely. The system manages lighting, video surveillance, voice synthesis (it’s able to send messages to multilingual alarms, warnings, and confirmations to entry systems), navigation data (speed, heading, and distance) and is able record anchor drift, energy consumption, solar panel production all with its 4G input/output.

Sparks, integration and energy autonomy also for small boat

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