The unparalleled, powerful, scalable and cost effective solution for Building Automation, Security and Safety, Environmental Control and Industrial Automation Applications.

HSYCO is a supervision server that interfaces a wide range of standard and proprietary systems, providing a web-based, integrated interface for control applications. Thanks to HSYCO innovative, comprehensive, secure, reliable, and expandable solutions can be designed and implemented to ensure integrated operation of diverse field systems.

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Web Based, Flexible and Customizable

HSYCO provides a HTML5-based graphical, fully customisable, user interface. Authorised users can securely access HSYCO from any PC, smartphone and tablet.

Multi Protocol Support

HSYCO supports over 90 standard and proprietary protocols, providing integrated control for both distributed and complex industrial supervision systems. View the full list on our developers wiki

High Reliability

HSYCO combines a very robust software and hardware architecture with support for redundant, hierarchical and distributed configurations designed to guarantee uninterrupted service at all times.

Flexible and Scalable

HSYCO is a smart solution that smoothly scales from the needs of small installations to the ones of large buildings, also supporting those of distributed, multi-layer, supervision architectures.

Fast and Secure Remote Access

HSYCO implements the most sophisticated solutions to ensure protection against unauthorised access or any other security threat.

Advanced Configuration and Diagnostic Centre

HSYCO has a built-in, advanced, web based configuration and diagnostics center. Control pages can be created and updated, and installations diagnostics can be run simply and securely locally or remotely.

Open Development Environment

HSYCO offers an extremely powerful programming framework, allowing the creation of complex programming logic. It supports Java, JavaScript and a simple, proprietary language called EVENTS.

Customer and Technical Support

The HSYCO support team is always available in person via phone or e-mail for customer queries and pre and post sales assistance.

Always Up-To-Date

At HSYCO, we are continuously adding support for the latest solutions for automation and industrial applications.

Free Android and iOS Apps, Apple Watch support

Integrated Protocols and Services

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Integrated Protocols & Services


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We share our experience and expertise to build innovative and functionally comprehensive supervision solutions.

HSYCO has been designing state-of-the-art integrated control solutions since 2007. We have the experience, the know-how, and the resources to design and develop vertical, highly customized supervision solutions based on the HSYCO platform, for both standard and proprietary field systems.

Thanks to its flexibility and the scalability of its software architecture, HSYCO can be tailored to any user-specific need, while custom applications can be easily integrated into the commercial and technical offerings of our customers.

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