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When we talk about safety & security, HSYCO is state of the art, constantly adding new drivers to its portfolio to adapt to a rapidly evolving market year after year.

HSYCO 3.8 introduces five new safety and security-related drivers:

Detnov – CAD fire detection panels
Esser – 8xxx/IQ8/FlexES fire detection panels
Ksenia Lares 4 – security panels
T-Lab Q – security panels
Xgen Connect – security panels

We’ve also updated a few existing drivers with new, quintessential features:

Tecnoalarm – support for sensors alarm memory
Elmo – support for Pregio, Vidomo, Proxima and Titania panels
Dea Xensity – support for Fusion P2P Controller

For a complete list of all the security & safety systems integrated with HSYCO, don’t forget to check our wiki. wiki.hsyco.com

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