August 18, 2020
Case study HSYCO Brivio & Vigano

Press Case Study: HSYCO for the integrated control of Brivio & Viganò’s headquarter and warehouses

Brivio & Viganò Autotrasporti decided to renovate its headquarters and warehouse located near Milan to better suit its logistics service with temperature control involving HSYCO in the project. The assignment concerned the realization of integrated light control, video surveillance and intrusion detection system, adopting an integrated interface with the addition of air conditioning and access control.
July 14, 2020

HSYCO is ideal for the integration of IoT devices

HSYCO is the ideal platform for the integration with the world of IoT devices: thanks to its flexibility it can be a data aggregator, a gateway, an evolved scenario editor, scalable and adaptable to the most diverse needs. HSYCO provides an HTTP REST API that allows to acquire in real-time the system data points in JSON format, it fully supports the MQTT protocol to allow the integration of heterogeneous systems and the support of IFTTT opens up infinite possibilities for interaction with platforms and devices.
June 16, 2020

HSYCO goes contactless: barcode, QR and NFC

The new version of the HSYCO App for iOS and Android integrates the support for reading bar codes, QR codes, and NFC tags. The HSYCO app allows you to read the number corresponding to a barcode, using the smartphone's camera, and to generate an event on the HSYCO server. QR codes allow you to code much more information in a small space. A further evolution are the NFC tags. The HSYCO App can write information about NFC tags in protected mode so that this can no longer be changed.
May 14, 2020

HSYCO can help with COVID-19 prevention

Thermal human body scanners, contactless access systems, real-time people counting systems, and proximity sensors, are indispensable technologies to help companies protecting customers and employees from COVID-19. To obtain effective solutions for prevention and optimized from an operational point of view, it is essential that the different systems can communicate with each other. HSYCO is the ideal platform for designing and implementing integrated solutions for security and automation personalized and safe.
April 20, 2020

HSYCO has a new YouTube channel with video tutorials!

We at HSYCO aim to put the best focus on the needs of our partners, collaborators and developers, some of whom have more time at the moment to dedicate to training and knowledge. For this reason, we are happy to announce our new YouTube channel, where we have published a series of 23 video tutorials on how to configure HSYCO for different needs.