Building Automation

HSYCO is designed to make the creation of open, holistic automation and control solutions as simple as possible, enabling system integrators and OEMs to quickly and easily create secure, scalable, and truly integrated supervision solutions.

We are continuously developing HSYCO to be powerful and flexible enough to fulfill the needs of diverse environments. By doing this, we are leveraging the economies of scale and bringing to smaller or vertical installations the robustness and sophistication typical of larger automation solutions while transferring lower costs and higher usability to buildings and production plants.

Unlike conventional closed systems that tie developers and users into a single company, the HSYCO platform is technology and supplier-agnostic, offering freedom to choose from different solutions and deliver optimized, future-proofed systems that protect investment and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). 

The platform supports over 100 standard and proprietary protocols and is continually updated with support for the most promising new and emerging technologies.

HSYCO web-based, fully customizable GUI and free iOS and Android App are designed to deliver the best user experience, with exceptional performance and industry-standard security.


Home and Building Automation

The market offers a wide range of powerful and cost-effective solutions for managing all the systems in a building, such as lighting, automation, temperature control, security, video surveillance, access control, energy and power management, and air quality. Yet most of these solutions are difficult to integrate. This lack of integration leads to functional limitations. HSYCO is the modern software solution to create cohesive systems that are simpler, easy to integrate, highly customizable, secure, and always accessible.


Industrial Buildings

Traditionally, building automation systems have been entirely separate from industrial automation solutions. Most professional SCADA software products are too complex and expensive to use in factories or for monitoring and data logging applications. On the other hand, simpler automation solutions aren’t seen with confidence by automation professionals, generally lacking in reliability, scalability, and features. While we think that on the hardware side there are distinct requirements for residential, industrial, data logging and monitoring applications, and buildings, enough to justify the existence of different product lines, we strongly believe that software technology has advanced to a level where it makes no longer sense to have different supervision architectures.


Our design strategy is to develop HSYCO as a smart solution that smoothly scales from the needs of small installations to those of large buildings and distributed multi-layer supervision architectures. A constant focus on reliability and scalability always drives all our software design work.

Featured Solutions

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Case study HSYCO Brivio & Vigano

Press Case Study: HSYCO for the integrated control of Brivio & Viganò’s headquarter and warehouses

Brivio & Viganò Autotrasporti decided to renovate its headquarters and warehouse located near Milan to better suit its logistics service with temperature control involving HSYCO in the project.
The assignment concerned the realization of integrated light control, video surveillance and intrusion detection system, adopting an integrated interface with the addition of air conditioning and access control.

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