HSYCO Configurator

  • HSYCO Pi Strato
    HSYCO Pi Strato

    HSYCO Pi Strato is dedicated to edge computing applications, local and remote management of distributed sites, technical alarms monitoring, multi protocol interfaces. Thanks to the wide list of supported protocols, HSYCO PI Strato is the ideal solution for the supervision of KNX,  Modbus, BACnet, MyHome and, more generally, for small to medium buildings where any of our supported devices and services are present.

    HSYCO Iono Pi
    HSYCO Iono Pi

    HSYCO Iono Pi is an extremely versatile server based on the Raspberry Pi’s powerful computing core that combines the HSYCO engine with many digital and analog input lines, power relay outputs, and offers support for standard interfaces, such as Wiegand or 1-Wire. HSYCO Iono Pi is the perfect choice wherever is necessary to read field sensors quickly and efficiently through an integrated graphical interface, completely customizable.