HSYCO’s unrivaled integration capability is the perfect solution for controlling the numerous, technologically diverse systems installed aboard.

Moreover, HSYCO runs on redundant, distributed servers suited to severe operating conditions guaranteeing uninterrupted service.

Finally, HSYCO’s configuration flexibility, scalability, and fully customizable control interface can seamlessly adapt to the requirements of large commercial vessels, leisure crafts, and sailboats.

HSYCO brings in a fully integrated approach known as IPMS – Integrated Platform Management System – enabling full integrated control of all core and auxiliary functions of the boat, from power distribution to tanks and pumps control, navigation, alarms, fire, lighting, stabilizers, chargers, inverters, battery banks, video surveillance, etc.

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Technical equipment is often the last thing a boat owner thinks about when working with the boat designer.
The philosophy behind Sparks is to integrate technologically advanced solutions without disrupting the project or features of the vessel. Let’s take a look at an example: a sporty and elegant sailboat from Italia Yachts 10.98 complete with high-end finishes.

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