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HSYCO is a supervision server that interfaces a wide range of standard and proprietary systems, providing a web-based, integrated interface for control applications. Thanks to HSYCO innovative, comprehensive, secure, reliable, and expandable solutions can be designed and implemented to ensure integrated operation of diverse field systems.

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HSYCO can be installed on a wide range of servers, from DIN rail-based Raspberry Pi machines, with or without I/O, to more powerful systems suitable for managing cameras or large databases.

HSYCO is an extremely scalable software both in terms of software and hardware platforms, making it suitable for both small installations and the supervision of large home & building automation systems.

HSYCO Building Automation Interface Sample

HSYCO Gateway

HSYCO Gateway supports more than 100 protocols and offers a fast, safe and effective solution to connect different control systems. Check out the list of I/O Servers supported by HSYCO Gateway here.

HSYCO Room Controller

Room Controller encloses:

  • A multi sensor module: temperature, sound, humidity, air quality, PIR.
  • An  alarms notification software
  • An expandable I/O architecture
  • An access control manager

In a web based suite easy to configure, scalable and cost-effective.