Safety and Security

HSYCO interfaces over 100 standard and proprietary systems, providing a graphical, customisable, integrated control interface for security applications. HSYCO enables the design of innovative, comprehensive, secure, reliable, and expandable solutions to ensure the highest protection and safety.

Secure: HSYCO implements the most sophisticated solutions to ensure protection against unauthorized access or any other security threat. 

Reliable: HSYCO has been on the market for over 15 years and has thousands of installations.

Comprehensive: HSYCO supports over 100 standard and proprietary protocols, providing integrated control for complex professional security systems. HSYCO enables interoperability amongst diverse security systems, offering a sophisticated and comprehensive control solution for safety, security, video surveillance, access control, and building automation.

Flexible and Customisable: the HSYCO graphical interface can be adapted to the rigorous requirements of complex environments while remaining user-friendly. 

Remote Maintenance: HSYCO has a built-in, advanced, web-based configuration and diagnostics center

Radio Protocols support: HSYCO supports the LoRaWAN and SigFox radio protocols, opening the way to data gathering and control applications for wireless devices.

Scalability and Support for Distributed Supervision Architectures: HSYCO is a smart solution that smoothly scales from the needs of small installations to the ones of large buildings, also supporting those of distributed, multi-layer supervision architectures.

Always Up-To-Date, Customer Support: At HSYCO, we continuously add support for the latest solutions for security and automation, combined with the integration with legacy field systems. Our internal support team is always available for customer queries and pre-sales assistance.

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HSYCO: your safety & security integration hub!

When we talk about safety & security, HSYCO is state of the art, constantly adding new drivers to its portfolio to adapt to a rapidly evolving market year after year. HSYCO 3.8 introduces five new safety and security-related drivers: Detnov – CAD fire detection panels Esser – 8xxx/IQ8/FlexES fire detection

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Case study HSYCO Brivio & Vigano

Press Case Study: HSYCO for the integrated control of Brivio & Viganò’s headquarter and warehouses

Brivio & Viganò Autotrasporti decided to renovate its headquarters and warehouse located near Milan to better suit its logistics service with temperature control involving HSYCO in the project.
The assignment concerned the realization of integrated light control, video surveillance and intrusion detection system, adopting an integrated interface with the addition of air conditioning and access control.

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