HSYCO Academy

Welcome to the HSYCO Academy.

We offer our documentation to everyone without the need for registration. We believe this is the best way to support our customers by providing them with easy-to-use and always up-to-date resources to help them make the most of HSYCO.

Our support page includes three main sections:

  • YouTube tutorial videos: You will find a series of step-by-step tutorial videos that will guide you in using HSYCO. The videos have been created to be easy to follow, so even if you are new to HSYCO, you can learn quickly.
  • Official Wiki: Our official wiki contains all the information about HSYCO, protocols and integrated services with detailed information on each of them. You will find all the information you need to configure the software, use its features and troubleshoot.
  • Other documentation: In addition to the YouTube tutorials and our official wiki, we also have other documentation available to provide additional support to users. You will find detailed guides, FAQs, and other resources to help you make the most of HSYCO.



Need assistance? Please contact HSYCO Technical Support.


We provide tailored online training sessions on how to configure and use our products.
In addition, we have a YouTube channel in which you can find several tutorials.